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Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.2

Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.2 incorporates new content and technical specifications developed after the release of Hospital Version 1.1 in March 2010. There were two significant changes to areas of content in Version 1.2. The event-specific Device module was modified to include data elements for collection of patient safety concerns related to health information technology (HIT) devices (e.g. the electronic health record). The second major area of clinical content change added an event-specific module for Venous Thromboembolism (VTE). In addition to the new clinical content, RxNorm identifiers and compatibility with ICD-9 and ICD-10-CM coding has been included in Version 1.2.

Supporting Documents

Event descriptions, sample reports, and forms are available for each of the generic and event-specific categories of the Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.2.

Technical Specifications

The technical specification documents provide direction for electronic submission for Common Formats Patient Safety Data Reports to the PSOPPC for data non-identification and transmission to the NPSD. The documents also provide direction for the electronic implementation of the Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.2.

Release Notes

Clinical Release Note

The Clinical Release Note contains information about minor changes applied to Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.2.

PDF document icon   Clinical Release Notes-CFV1.2  Posted on: 03/23/2016,  330 KB

Technical Release Note

The Technical Specification Summary document contains summaries and detailed descriptions of the changes that were made to the Implementation Guide, Resources Workbook, Flow Charts, and Paper Forms.

PDF document icon   Technical Specification Summary-CFV1.2  Posted on: 03/23/2016,  535 KB

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