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Overview: Reports

The Patient Safety Organization Privacy Protection Center (PSOPPC) provides reporting solutions at the organizational level as well as at the data management level. These solutions create opportunities to develop and validate data submissions to the PSOPPC and to validate the PSO Profile information.

The PSOPPC report functionality can only be accessed with an approved PSOPPC user account. Please see the PSOPPC Account Setup page to learn about obtaining an account.

Disclaimer: The Submission Management and Aggregate Reports contained on this page are mock-up reports and do not contain actual data. These reports are intended to provide an example of information on patient safety data.

Summary Report

This report displays summary file information, including processing status for submitted patient safety data files (i.e., Accepted: Full Data Set, Accepted: Partial Data Set, Accepted: Minimum Data Set, or Rejected). This report specifically shows how many files were accepted or rejected within a batch submission to the PSOPPC.

PDF document icon   Patient Safety Event Submission Summary Report_Sample  Posted on: 08/25/2015,  51 KB

Detail Report

This report is an essential tool for the validation process and provides information on the messages received by patient safety data files submitted to the PSOPPC. The report details each error by file submitted. For files that received a message, the report displays the message descriptions, message code, and message type.

PDF document icon   Patient Safety Event Submission Detail Report_Sample  Posted on: 08/25/2015,  56 KB

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