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Account Setup

Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) listed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and PSO affiliated vendor organizations are eligible to create an account to access the secure pages of the Patient Safety Organization Privacy Protection Center (PSOPPC) website. The PSOPPC Help Desk provides services for all account registration needs and can be contacted via email at support@psoppc.org or by calling (866) 571-7712.

Please find account registration information and instruction below by account type. Registration forms must be signed by an Authorized Official, notarized, and mailed to the following address: (Please note: e-mail and fax submissions will not be accepted)

  • PSOPPC Help Desk
  • 3110 Lord Baltimore Drive, Suite 104
  • Baltimore, MD 21244
  • Phone number:
  • (866) 571-7712

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