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Provide Feedback

On behalf of AHRQ, the PSOPPC has established a process for receiving public comments on the Common Formats at the release of each version and continuing thereafter. This allows interested parties to partake in the Common Formats development process by providing real world input and perspective. Additionally, a Common Formats Expert Panel will review submitted public comments on new and updated versions of the Common Formats and provide recommendations to AHRQ. For more information on the Common Formats development process, please visit the AHRQ Common Formats Development page.

The public has an opportunity to comment on all active versions of the Common Formats, as follows:

  • Common Formats for Event Reporting
    • Community Pharmacy V1.0
    • Diagnostic Safety V1.0
    • Hospital - V1.2 and V2.0
    • Nursing Home V1.0
  • Common Formats for Surveillance - Hospital V1.0
AHRQ Common Formats cycle diagram

Using the tool below, you may submit comments by either searching for an element directly or clicking on the appropriate version tab. When you click on a version tab, the corresponding Common Formats Event Description will be presented in a review pane where you may select an element and provide feedback for that specific item. Multiple comments are allowed. If desired, you may also provide feedback for more than one element or the Common Formats as a whole by selecting the General Comments tab.

AHRQ appreciates the time and effort individuals invest in providing comments; all feedback will be considered in the development of the Common Formats.

Please select the Common Formats version you're interested in providing feedback on or enter a search term to find all relevant matches across versions. To provide general feedback, select the General Comments tab.

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