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PSO Profile Data Submission

The PSO Profile form provides information to AHRQ and the Department of Health and Human Services that will be used to generate aggregate statistics necessary to administer the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, as well as report on the Act's impact.

The PSOPPC provides guidance on how to update PSO Profile information every year. For questions related to the PSO Profile form, please submit a request on the Contact Us page or email the PSOPPC Help Desk at

PSO Profile Form

The window for submitting your PSO Profile is mid-December to February 28th each year. If you need to make updates after the deadline, you are allowed to sign back in and do so until the release of next year's PSO Profile. The PSO Profile form includes two sections: PSO Profile and Provider Profile. The PSO Profile collects the PSO's administrative information, including the number of providers, type of entity, type of patient safety concerns collected, and specialty focus. The Provider Profile collects summarized information on all providers with which the PSO receives and reviews patient safety work product under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. Information should be collected for all providers that submitted or intended to submit patient safety concerns to the PSO during the reporting year.

You may download, print, and research answers to the questions, please remember that the PSO and Provider profile submissions can only be made via the web interface on the secure pages of the PSOPPC website.

PDF document icon   2023 PSO Profile Form  Posted on: 12/15/2023,  191 KB

Educational Brief

Educational Brief Issue 31 speaks to the importance of submitting the PSO Profile every year. Issue 51 involves defining and counting providers in the PSO Profile.

PDF document icon   Issue 31 - The Importance of Submitting the PSO Profile  Posted on: 12/18/2020,  208 KB

PDF document icon   Issue 51 - Provider Counts in the PSO Profile  Posted on: 12/15/2022,  313 KB


If you are unfamiliar or would like a refresher of how to complete and submit the PSO Profile to the PSOPPC, please view this short training video and slides below. The PSOPPC also provides two training sessions in December and January every year.

Profile training video    Profile Training Video   Posted on: 12/15/2022,  65.6 MB

PDF document icon   2023 PSO Profile Training Slides  Posted on: 12/20/2023,  2,306 KB

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