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For Software Developers/Vendors

The Patient Safety Privacy Protection Center (PSOPPC) enables software developers and vendors that are contracted with an AHRQ-listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) to create user accounts to validate and submit patient safety data, and access various technical resources. Software developers and vendor organizations that directly serve healthcare providers have the ability to utilize all public resources from the PSOPPC website such as the AHRQ Common Formats and data submission materials for validation purposes.

To find out further information on AHRQ Common Formats, such as settings of care available, the type of information collected and reported, and what versions of Common Formats are active for reporting, select the link below:

AHRQ Common Formats Overview

To better understand data submission prerequisites, and prepare for data submission to the PSOPPC, developers and vendors are encouraged to select the link below:

Data Submission

The PSOPPC can authorize vendors to perform various services on the PSOPPC website on behalf of their PSO clients. A PSO must have a valid Data Use Agreement (DUA) with the PSOPPC before a vendor can submit data on behalf of that PSO. The vendor will need to complete, notarize, and submit the forms listed below to the PSOPPC, and the PSO will need to authorize the vendor to submit data. Please review Educational Brief Issue 30 which describes the complete process of how to successfully set up a vendor organization account with the PSOPPC.

PDF document icon   Issue 30 - PSOPPC Vendor Organization Account Setup Process  Posted on: 03/22/2016,  118 KB

PDF document icon   Vendor Organization Registration Form  Posted on: 05/12/2014,  34 KB

PDF document icon   PSOPPC Level 3 User Registration Form  Posted on: 06/10/2015,  120 KB

A software developer that will be completing the patient safety data submission process for a PSO must set up a Level 3 user account. A PSO must have a valid DUA with the PSOPPC before a software developer can submit data on behalf of that PSO. A software developer must complete, notarize, and submit the registration form below to submit patient safety data for a PSO.

PDF document icon   PSOPPC Level 3 User Registration Form  Posted on: 06/10/2015,  120 KB

The full agenda and all speaker presentations from the 2016 Software Developers Meeting are included below.

PDF document icon   2016_SWD_Agenda  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  53 KB

PDF document icon   3-2_RJaffe_CHPSO_Keynote  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  983 KB

PDF document icon   3-3_ABuckler_Common_Formats_Update  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  2,634 KB

PDF document icon   3-4_KSwanson_Data_Integrity  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  532 KB

PDF document icon   3-5_NEldridge_QSRS  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  499 KB

PDF document icon   3-5b_ABuckler_QSRS  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  1,152 KB

PDF document icon   3-5c_STerrillion_QSRS  Posted on: 04/22/2016,  1,884 KB

For further assistance, please contact the PSOPPC Help Desk by email at support@psoppc.org

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