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Supporting Documents - Common Formats for Event Reporting - Hospital Version 1.2

AHRQ's Common Formats for Event Reporting - Hospital Version 1.2 (CFER-H V1.2) was released as three generic and nine event-specific forms. These forms allow for the collection of information, in relevant detail, about any patient safety concern reported in an acute care hospital. Structured questions on the generic forms are designed to capture basic information along the spectrum of harm for incidents (a patient safety concern that reached the patient), near misses (a patient safety concern that did not reach the patient), and unsafe conditions. Specific information on events is captured via narrative texts. For the most commonly occurring patient safety concerns, event specific-forms collect clinical structured information to complement the information collected on the generic forms.

This page contains the supporting documents that would help PSOs to complete the local implementation and transfer of the data to the PSOPPC and Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD).

Disclaimer: The paper forms for each of the events are primarily for illustrative purposes.

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