Common Format Readmissions - Version 0.1 Beta: Event Description, Sample Report, and Form

Common Format Readmissions - Version 0.1 Beta is one module in a series of Common Formats released by AHRQ. This module is primarily designed for use in the acute care hospital environment to gain enhanced understanding about the circumstances surrounding readmissions. As such it can be used within a hospital or healthcare system or across hospitals and healthcare systems. The format can assist hospitals as they respond to the Affordable Care Act Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, and PSOs can play a vital role with this type of analysis. The use of the Readmissions Common Format is not limited to hospitals that have high readmission rates. It can be used by any hospital or healthcare organization to provide enhanced information and analysis on the readmissions encountered within its facility.

The Readmissions Common Format is similar to AHRQ's Common Formats for patient safety event reporting in that it follows a framework that applies a structured approach to analysis of both an individual readmission as well as aggregation of data surrounding multiple readmissions. It consists of the same Common Format components of an event description, data collection form (for illustrative purposes), and aggregate report that have been released with previous beta modules. Similar to other Common Formats, it is initially being released as a Beta version to allow for public comment and expert panel input to be used in development of a revised and operational version, with technical specifications for electronic implementation.

Disclaimer: The Common Format Aggregate Report contained on this page is a mock-up report and does not contain actual data. The report is intended to provide example information on patient safety events.

   Readmissions Event Description

       Posted on 07/20/2011, 142 KB

   Readmissions Aggregate Report

       Posted on 07/20/2012, 147 KB

   Readmissions Form

       Posted on 07/20/2012, 132 KB

   Readmissions Users Guide

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