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Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.1

Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.1 were released in March 2010 with a defined focus on patient safety reporting for acute care hospitals. Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.1 addresses the initial phase of the improvement cycle. Beginning with the development phase of Version 0.1 in 2008, AHRQ engaged with the National Quality Forum (NQF) to solicit comments and advice to further guide the refinement of the Common Formats. Based on the continuous refinement phase of the initial beta version of the Common Formats - Hospital Version 0.1 became available as Version 1.0.

Supporting Documents

Event descriptions, sample reports, and forms are available for each of the generic and event-specific categories of the Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.1.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications documents provide direction to reporting organizations for electronic submission of Common Formats patient safety reports to the PSOPPC for data non-identification and transmission to the Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD). The technical specifications documents also provide direction for the electronic implementation of the Common Formats- Hospital Version 1.1.

Release Notes

Release Notes for Common Formats - Hospital Version 1.1 include revised information for the Implementation Guide, Resources Workbook, and Data Dictionary.

PDF document icon   Release Notes-CFV1.1  Posted on: 06/23/2015,  64 KB

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